The Idea

So I had an idea to get myself motivated to write by giving myself weekly deadlines. This blog is that deadline. So you can expect one to two posts from me a week.

My intension is to write a continuous story, but the style most likely won’t be the same. For example, the opening part is supposed to be funny but it is my first time trying to write like that and I probably won’t continue it. I may change from first person to third person or go heavy on the scenery.

I would love to know what works and what doesn’t so don’t be shy, but also be reasonable I’m just a regular guy. I ain’t no pro.

One last thing, these are rough drafts nothing more. I will go back and reread them, but expect mistakes and such.

Basically it is an experiment and I thought, shoot, why not share it.


3 thoughts on “The Idea

  1. Very creative! Don’t be afraid to go on tangents with interior character dialogue or descriptions of scenes or events. You’re the writer, it’s your soapbox, and your characters’ rants give them great personalities, which makes for a more complex narrative:)

    • Thanks for the input, I knew the parts were greatly lacking scene descriptions, almost none at all, I will work on that for the next one as well as interior dialogue and tangents.

      That will be much harder for me I think.

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