Part Six

Reality can be rough. Mine quickly went from pleasant, to interesting, to disturbing.But now I found myself in possibly the worst imaginable situation.

My eyes blinked open to reveal bland colors and low ceilings. The cream colored walls looked as if they had once been white and the bed I was laying in belonged in the junkyard. My shoulder stung and my side burned but they didn’t compare to the stiffness of my back. It was like a migraine in my spine.

I could hear voices, distant in another room nearby and I couldn’t make out what they were saying through the murky veil that hung around my mind. I tried to sit up but couldn’t manage it.

“Clyde?” came Mary’s voice, it had been right next to me but I hadn’t seen her. I fought with my spine for the privilege of turning my head, slowly and painfully she came into view. She was smiling down at me, her eyes shinning wet with tears.

“And so, he lives again.” A handful of guys entered the room accompanying the voice of Bill the Bastard.

“Good, we need all the help we can get.” That was Josh, a good guy. Too good, the guy so good you feel bad for your girlfriend because she is with you and not him.

“Worthless. All he did was endanger Mary last night.”

“He did know what was going on, I still don’t know what’s going on.” Said Josh

“Fellas,” The new voice was Andy, “your both right. Clyde was rockless and stupid, but he did what he thought was best and we do need all the help we can get.”

A snort came from a fourth visitor. “I’m glad to see you pulled your head out of your ass long enough to get to Mary before shoving it right back up in there.” And so Mark, Mary’s father, completed my personal hell. Three ex-boyfriends and the father towering over me while I lay injured in some crapy hotel room.

“Christ, you told me to protect her and so I did.” another snort. “Why don’t you fill me in then, I obviously missed something.” I snapped.

“Gladly,” Andy was the tallest of the men in the room and his red hair made him stand out even further. “In short, Mary is one of the hooded figures except with a birth defect.”

“Your kidding me.”

Andy looked at Mark who gave a nod. “Where the hoods are from, which is some alternate dimension, Mary’s birth was prophesied. She would be born different from the rest and have the power to reveal Glordon.”

‘Glordon is god to the hoods, the creator of worlds, the bringer of justice, and to us the end of earth. I suspect he is in the egg.”

Mary was looking rather sheepish, head lowered, silent tears rolling down her face. I took her hand in my own and squeezed tight. She had always been different, I had known it from the day I met her you could sense that she was different, wasn’t human. I know it sounds corny but I always thought that she could be an angel, defiantly  not the prophesied birth defect, bringer of gods and key to the end of the world. She squeezed back and managed a watery smile.

“How did we get these powers?” Asked Josh.

“Mary’s love for you has granted each of you powers, wether that love is still going strong in her heart or was once there doesn’t matter. I can’t explain why that is, think of it as her personal defense mechanism.” Explained Mark. “For now we have to keep Mary safe and as far from that egg as possible.”

“Can we get rid of the egg?” Asked Bill.

“I don’t know.”

“Well that sounds like a solid plan, let’s get moving.”

I sat up in bed the fog surrounding me was gone but my body was still in pain. I grimaced and stood up. “Don’t push it Clyde.” Mary’s soft voice was soothing, diminishing the pain in my body. I was a little shaky but I managed to put my clothes back on from the night before. They lay on a chair near the bed. Someone had washed them for me but there were still holes at the shoulder and ribs. I just keep looking better and better don’t I?

“Josh and Andy, go see whats going on out there. Bill you stay here and watch these two. Clyde, don’t be an idiot. I’ve got an errand to run, anything happens meet at the city library.”


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